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  • Damion Lupo – Best Deal Ever

    On this episode of the Deal Farm we are joined by Damion Lupo, Founder of Total Control Financial. Over the last 25 years Damion has owned more than 30 different companies (from Venture Capital firms to Gold and Precious Metals … and of course, land and development). In recent years however, he’s discovered an amazing niche helping real estate investors understand the power of self-directed 401Ks and the eQRP. Listen in to this episode to learn about a powerful self-directed retirement tool you should have in your arsenal!

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    Published on: December 2nd, 2016

    Kevin Bupp – Best Deal Ever

    On today’s episode we are joined by Kevin Bupp of the Real Estate Investing For Cashflow Podcast and head of the Mobile Home Park Academy. If you’ve ever had any interest in investing in mobile home parks, this interview is very informative and eye opening to the opportunity in that space. Listen in as Kevin shares with us a deal he bought last year that is currently netting an 80% cash on cash return!

    Learn more about the podcasts and education program at

    Published on: November 16th, 2016

    Alex Pardo – Best Deal Ever

    On this episode of the Deal Farm we are joined by Alex Pardo, Host of the Flipping Empire podcast as well as the owner of Creative Real Estate Solutions, LLC out of Miami, FL. Alex is an experienced wholesaler who has done over 300 transactions as well as a real estate coach. On this episode, you’ll hear learn some of his tips and tricks for acquiring properties in a competitive market like Miami. You’ll also learn about a recent deal that made him 71K with almost no involvement on his part. Check out this week’s podcast to get the scoop!

    You can check out Alex’s podcast at

    Published on: October 31st, 2016

    Doug and Andrea Van Soest – Best Deal Ever

    Today we are joined by the owners of SoCal Home Buyers and the hosts of the Spouses Flipping Houses Podcast – Doug and Andrea Van Soest. Doug and Andrea Van Soest are real estate investors out of Southern California. Their company SoCal Home Buyers has bought and sold over 350 houses and they have collected a rental portfolio of over 57 units. Listen in as they share with us how they’ve assembled a team and built an acquisition strategy that enables them to do upwards of 70 houses a year in Southern California!

    Check out their podcast at!

    Published on: October 17th, 2016

    Ben Rao – Best Deal Ever

    Community Buying Group President, Ben Rao, has been a real estate investor and landlord for more than 12 years. Currently, Ben owns a property management company and still flips single family properties. This industry experience led him to establish Community Buying Group (CBG) in 2010, whose mission is to help real estate investors become more profitable through education and better pricing. On today’s episode Ben shares with us how any real estate investor can benefit from leveraging a community of other investors to obtain better pricing on material, insurance, marketing, etc.! Tune in to find out how!

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    Published on: September 28th, 2016

    Raj Bhaskar – Best Deal Ever

    We are joined by Raj Bhaskar today – Former owner of VisualHomes property management software and current founder of HURDLR – a financial tracking app, perfect for small businesses and contract workers. Among other things, Raj shares with us a very cool strategy for having his home paid for by a condo years ago and currently rents out. Check out this episode to learn more about HURDLR and how it might be able to help you track your income and expenses right now!

    Check out for helpful tips on tax deductions specific to your industry.

    Published on: September 7th, 2016

    Frank Cava – Best Deal Ever

    On this episode of the Deal Farm we are joined by Frank Cava out of Richmond, Va. Frank started his career with a publically traded builder – managing a team of 70 and over 2000 new construction homes. He then left the company to begin his own real estate investing business where he now wholesales and rehabs over 100 houses per year and owns over 40 rentals. Tune in to find out how he was able to make 70K off of a pocket listing he got from an agent and how agent relationships can be such a valuable resource.

    Published on: August 29th, 2016

    Darrin Collins – Best Deal Ever

    On today’s Best Deal Ever episode, we are joined by Darrin Collins out of Fayetteville, NC. Darrin has been in the real estate game for a number of years but has recently exploded his business. On this interview, he discusses how he’s sending out 1 million postcards a year and has built a call center to handle the leads!! If you’ve ever wondered about how to scale a wholesaling business, listen in because Darrin has done this in a big way!

    Feel free to check out his website at

    Published on: August 15th, 2016

    Anson Young – Best Deal Ever

    On Best Deal Ever episode, we are joined by Anson Young out of Denver, CO. Anson has been a full-time real estate investor and licensed real estate agent for 10 years and has flipped and wholesaled a ton of properties over this time. On this episode, Anson shares with us some of his proprietary tactics […]

    Published on: July 14th, 2016

    Dave Lundgren – Best Deal Ever

    On today’s episode of the Deal Farm we are joined by Dave Lundgren, CEO of Abundance Consulting Services. Dave has been in the real estate coaching space since 2000 and worked closely with Dean Graziosi as they grew that info/coaching business to over 1 Billion dollars in sales! Dave currently lives in Kansas City where his consulting business is actively involved in selling a very high volume of turn-key properties. He is a wealth of information and is closely connected to the top coaching businesses in the country. Listen in as he shares with us his bent on the best deal ever!

    Published on: June 29th, 2016

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